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...The Powerful Optimization Program that makes your PC run how it should.

PC-Popper...Second to none.

PC-Popper is THE program that will speed up your computer, clean up your computer, and fix errors on your computer without slowing it down. In addition, PC-Popper will detect and remove unwanted malware, adware, spyware, viruses, and pop-ups, usually within seconds.



Your car doesn't get slower over time, and neither should your computer.  Many companies will lead you to believe that when your computer gets slower, it's time to buy a new one. But that's simply not true. PC-Popper is the easy solution. PC-Popper is designed to make your computer run as fast (or in some cases, even faster) than it did when it was new.  How does PC-Popper do this?

Well, sometimes the reason a system turns sluggish is because too many programs or services are running in the background.  Most of these programs are useless.  PC-Popper is able to stop these useless programs and services from starting up, giving you a quicker start-up time.  Stopping these useless programs from starting up also prevents them from running in the background, which decreases the amount of resources used.  This increases the overall performance and life of your computer.

Another reason your computer gets slower over time is because Windows gets slower over time.  PC-Popper reverses this by optimizing Windows settings with its Dynamic Configuration Technology.  This allows your computer to get the maximum speed possible.  In addition, PC-Popper lowers unnecessary memory usage, which results in better computer performance.

Over time, your operating system takes up more and more space. But as a computer user, you want that space to be used for files that are important to you, like documents, pictures, music, and programs.  PC-Popper eliminates the unnecessary files that your computer stores, freeing up space on your hard drive.

Sometimes programs can cause your computer to malfunction.  For example, they can keep your computer from connecting to the internet or keep you from opening up some folders.  PC-Popper can repair a broken system by correcting problems in the Windows registry and filesystem.

Some advertisers, companies, and individuals infect your computer with malware, adware, or potentially unwanted software (pus) so that they can get your information and/or make money off of you.  These programs are not only annoying; they can slow down and even damage your computer.  PC-Popper's Malware Killer removes malware, adware. and pus so you can reclaim your computer.
Whereas most other programs can take hours to scan, PC-Popper's unique Instant Scan Technology scans your computer within seconds.

PC-Popper is an all-in-one, easy to use program.



*PC-Popper has the ability to make your computer perform as fast (or even faster) as it did when it was new.

*PC-Popper provides Speed Up, Clean Up, Error Fix, Startup Manager, Malware Killer, and more, which means that you do not have to have any other antivirus, firewall, cleaners, or optimization software installed. (However, you may run these other programs along with PC-Popper.)

*PC-Popper can run on extremely slow and old computers. (It takes up less than 4 MB of space.)

*In addition to malware, PC-Popper removes PUS (potentially unwanted software), like adware, popups, etc.

*Instant Scan Technology that finds existing malware within seconds.

*PC-Popper's Malware Killer removes junkware along with malware; antivirus software usually just removes malware.

*Adaptive Annihilation Technology that totally eliminates all traces of the malware.

*PC-Popper offers a growing library of malware protection.

*PC-Popper encourages the user to submit new malware so we can add it to the malware library/for adding to the malware library.

*PC-Popper's Malware Killer only runs when you want it to, which means it will never bog down your computer.

*You do not have to install PC-Popper. Just download and run!

*PC-Popper's EasyPOP! features a one-click fix all!

*PC-Popper can easily be removed: just uninstall from Control Panel.

*PC-Popper requires no technical knowledge in order to use/get results.

*PC-Popper is 100% safe for your computer.

*PC-Popper does not install any third-party software.

*PC-Popper does not bog down your computer.

*PC-Popper does not bombard you with ads and nags.

*PC-Popper does not integrate with your operating system, which would slow it down.

*PC-Popper has two different interfaces, which make it both easy to use for beginners and powerful for experts.

*PC-Popper can be run from a flash drive.

*PC-Popper is able to work on all user accounts simultaneously.

*PC-Popper can run on any computer configuration.

*PC-Popper can run on all of the common versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10).

*PC-Popper supports both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

*PC-Popper does not require any .net frameworks or other dependencies to run.

PC-Popper is the Program that has the Power to truly Optimize your computer... and more!