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...The Powerful Optimization Program that makes your PC run how it should.

Technician Edition

Saves time on fixing common errors, removing malware & popups, cleaning, and speeding up a computer.
Runs directly from a flash drive.
Remembers the settings and configuration for each computer that it has been run on.
Works quickly, eliminating wait time.
Written in C++ for Windows, making it small, quick, and without .NET dependencies.
Has the capability to create a Restore Point before working on a system.
Customizable to meet the needs of each individual technician.
Works on all user accounts of a computer simultaneously.
Less than 2 MB in size.
Unlimited use by a single technician.

The PC-Popper Technician License covers unlimited use by one technician for one full year.  The cost is only $240 per year. That comes out to just $20 a month.  Use it on just one computer per month, and it pays for itself!

Before purchasing, you can try a full-featured version of PC-Popper for 15 days.

If you have any questions about PC-Popper's technician license, please contact us.