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...The Powerful Optimization Program that makes your PC run how it should.


          My name is Hayden, and I am the developer of PC-Popper.  This program was written by me, both a computer user and a computer technician, to help me with my personal computers and to help me in my business of repairing and servicing computers.  When I find or think of something that will be beneficial to me, I put it into PC-Popper.  This means that this program can help a computer user have a better computer user experience, and it means that everything in this program can help a computer technician be more efficient and effective in his day to day activities.

          PC-Popper has been in development for three years.  It was officially released a year ago.  Here are a few of the testimonials that we have received since then and some of the results that we have seen.
I like to use PC-Popper on a regular basis to keep my computer running great.  It's the best thing I've found to maintain my computer.

Jim F., Aransas Pass, TX
PC-Popper knocks out the bulk of my work when fixing computers with just a few clicks, and then becomes a nice tool for repairing and maintaining a clean and responsive running system.

Billy R., computer technician, Trinidad, CO

Absolutely LOVE this product!  On Friday my work/personal computer crashed 7 times. . .not a new phenomenon, but definitely had never occurred with this much frequency.  Because of Hayden's past services at the shelter, I checked out his Facebook page and downloaded the PC-Popper.  I have had absolutely NO problems with my computer since doing this and am thrilled by the results!!  We are switching all of the shelter computers to this and uninstalling all of the Kaspersky software.  I can't believe the speed I have back on my computer either!  Super product!!!!

Noah's Ark, Trinidad Colorado

I was super excited when this program removed malware that the big malware removal company program missed.

Paula L., Austin, TX

I am so excited.  Today I ran PC-Popper on my laptop (running Windows 7).  In the past, Anytime I rebooted and logged in it took FOREVER for me to be able to open ANYTHING...even a simple picture.  Basically, I would log in to my laptop and walk away for 10 minutes or so, then come back and do what i need to do.  After running PC-Popper Easy-Pop! (I don't need all the details), I can login and get to work immediately - I only had to wait a few seconds.  This is huge help for me since I work from home quite often.

Jerri Kotrulja


Notice that PC-Popper's malware scan found five pieces of malware while Glary Utilities found none.
Notice that PC-Popper found more than twice the junk that CCleaner did.